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Immediate Zenith is a trading platform that allows you to work with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges from a unified interface with access to additional tools that are not available on the exchange. Immediate Zenith users can purchase automated bot algorithms built by other traders as well as create strategies themselves. The platform also allows you to make adjustments to some bot settings without having to make one on your own.

Immediate Zenith

Binance Futures Demo Mode from Immediate Zenith also allows you to try and test the COMBO bot risk-free. The minimum leverage is 1x, wherein the margin amount in the order will equal your investment volume as in spot trading. To learn more about futures trading, please refer to this article on the blog.

  • By analyzing changes in sentiment, be it positive (bullish) or negative (bearish), investors and traders can gain insights into potential market movements and make better-informed decisions.
  • Beyond raw sentiment readings, Immediate Zenith’s offerings target users of all types — from individuals to institutions.
  • Instead, it will increase your chances of profiting, while making the platform more appealing to users who place multiple trades on a daily basis.
  • After successful authorization, you will be automatically redirected to the My exchanges page on Immediate Zenith.

That means that the bot automates the process of buying low and selling high, saving you countless hours that you may have spent studying charts or monitoring the price action. No, all the money made from trades goes back to your exchange account. It takes away the manual effort of doing the trades and completely automates the process.

With Immediate Zenith, users can consolidate all their cryptocurrency exchange accounts into a single unified interface. The DCA bots allow for the investment in a diversified number of tokens across time and price points, offering one of the safest means of entry into the crypto markets. DCA can take technical indicators such as the MACD, RSI, and stochastic channels into account.

There’s a wide array of third-party bots compatible with Kraken, including Immediate Zenith, Immediate Zenith, Gekko, Gunbot, Kryll, and many more. What’s more, Kraken has earned a stellar reputation for its robust security measures. With 95% of its deposits securely stored offline and stringent steps in place to shield customers from cyberattacks, Kraken places a high priority on user security. Adjust the settings if needed, and proceed to the bot’s overview tab. Double-check the chosen parameters and launch the bot by pressing [Start Bot]. Feel free to find more info on how to do that in our article – Adapt to Market Changes by Modifying the Grid Levels of the Active Bot.

While both platforms have their merits and will undoubtedly facilitate successful trading, there is a distinct advantage when it comes to Immediate Zenith. It’s worth noting that this assessment is based on up-to-date information and remains valid in the year 2023. You have all the features included in previous plans, priority support, and up to 20 active trading bots allowed.

You can practice with a demo account or connect exchanges to trade right away in a live environment. You can assess your crypto bot performance with the fast TradingView charts. TradingView is an advanced and sophisticated all-in-one charting platform and social network that has helped over 30 million traders and investors make informed trading. You can use the TradingView platform to follow your favourite assets, find trading ideas, chat with others, spot trends, and place trades directly on our charts.

Choosing a smaller grid step will automatically multiply your grid levels, filling trades more frequently. By cinching your grid tight, you cultivate a sea of buys and sells that capture even the most infinitesimal movements. Overall, with the right oversight and settings adjustments by an astute trader, scalping bots can be very effective. But they still need human guidance to reach their full potential while avoiding major pitfalls.

All trading operations on Immediate Zenith is processed through your unique API key. It is one of the safest and most reliable ways to use any platform, as it does not authorize anyone else to gain access to your funds or data. Even though Immediate Zenith has a wide range of settings, registering is a breeze – you can log in right away via Facebook or Google, or sign up via standard email address form. Once you are in, you need to connect exchanges where you have funds – integration is made via a standard process of API keys. In the right upper corner, you have the option to switch your Immediate Zenith account to the DEMO version. In this version, your account will be funded with simulated demo funds, enabling you to test your trading strategies and get to know the platform with zero risks.

The Immediate Zenith COMBO bot is a unique combination of GRID and DCA algorithms that works remarkably well in the futures market. The bot uses GRID technology to take advantage of every market movement and DCA to optimize the position’s entry price. Since the order volume is accounted for with leverage, you’ll have to calculate the volume of your final investment and indicate it either in the quote [Total] or base currency [Amount]. Also, all currency pair settings, such as leverage and margin mode, are set to [10X] and [Cross] by default (Pic. 3). Immediate Zenith’s Demo mode trading is carried out at the actual rate of USDT currency pairs received from the Binance exchange.

Your funds are safe as they stay on your exchange and you have full control over them totally secure. Once you get your head round that and learn how to set up your bots you can sleep peacefully at night knowing all is safe and you are earning money. Profit from every market move 24/7, with fully automated trading bots.

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