Trade SizeWeight/100 Ft.Master Bundle QuantityMaster Bundle ft.Master Bundle WeightOutside DiameterInside Diameter
½  in.30 lbs.700 pc.7000 ft.2100 lbs.0.706 in.0.622 in.
¾  in.46 lbs.500 pc.5000 ft.2300 lbs.0.922 in.0.824 in.
1 in.67 lbs.300 pc.3000 ft.2010 lbs.1.163 in.1.049 in.
1¼ in.101 lbs.200 pc.2000 ft.2020 lbs.1.51 in.1.38 in.
1½ in.116 lbs.150 pc.1500 ft.1740 lbs.1.74 in.1.61 in.
2 in.148 lbs.120 pc.1200 ft.1776 lbs.2.197 in.2.067 in.
2½ in.216 lbs.61 pc.610 ft.1317.6 lbs.2.875 in.2.731 in.
3 in.263 lbs.51 pc.510 ft.1341.3 lbs.3.5 in.3.356 in.
3½ in.349 lbs.37 pc.370 ft.1291.3 lbs.4 in.3.834 in.
4 in.393 lbs.30 pc.300 ft.1179 lbs.4.5 in.4.334 in.
Trade SizeWeight/30 M.Master Bundle QuantityMaster Bundle Size.Master Bundle WeightOutside DiameterInside Diameter
12.7 mm.13.59 kg.700 pc.2133.6 m.951.3 kg.17.9324 mm.15.7988 mm.
19.05 mm.20.838 kg.500 pc.1524 m.1041.9 kg.23.4188 mm.20.9296 mm.
25.4 mm.30.351 kg.300 pc.914.4 m.910.53 kg.29.5402 mm.26.6446 mm.
31.75 mm.45.753 kg.200 pc.609.6 m.915.06 kg.38.354 mm.35.052 mm.
38.1 mm.52.548 kg.150 pc.457.2 m.788.22 kg.44.196 mm.40.894 mm.
50.8 mm.67.044 kg.120 pc.365.76 m.804.528 kg.55.8038 mm.52.5018 mm.
63.5 mm.97.848 kg.61 pc.185.928 m.596.8728 kg.73.025 mm.69.3674 mm.
76.2 mm.119.139 kg.51 pc.155.448 m.607.6089 kg.88.9 mm.85.2424 mm.
88.9 mm.158.097 kg.37 pc.112.776 m.584.9589 kg.101.6 mm.97.3836 mm.
101.6 mm.178.029 kg.30 pc.91.44 m.534.087 kg.114.3 mm.110.0836 mm.

Electric Metallic Tubing

Manufactured under the UL standard, weights, dimensions and packaging (10' lengths)

Our Electric Metal Conduit is made of galvanized steel. EMT is also called "thin-wall" conduit because it is thin and lightweight, especially compared to IMC. EMT is rigid but can be bent with a simple tool called a conduit bender. EMT is installed with couplings and fittings that are secured with a setscrew or compression-type fastener. The tubing is not threaded like IMC is. Common conduit sizes range from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter. EMT conduit is coated with a hot galvanized coating on the exterior and a special corrosive-resistant coating on the inside to extend the conduit’s lifespan

It is commonly used for exposed indoor wiring runs in residential and light commercial construction. It must be used with special watertight fittings to be used outdoors in exposed locations.

All EMT conduit tubing are UL 1242 certified, manufactured at ISO 9001-2015 certified facilities and meet all the technical requirements for electrical installations